Leg 1

Burrator and Atlantic Leave Moorland Rovers HQ - Atlanta Bound

This was a momentous day here at Moorland Rovers at it marked the start of the next chapter of our journey. After many weeks and months working tirelessly to make this happen, our first shipment of Land Rovers were headed from our base here on Dartmoor in the UK to our new USA Partner in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The first leg of their journey was the 3 hour trip from Moorland Rovers HQ down to the Docks at Southampton. Big thanks to Falcon Car Transport for their very professional and expedient service, and for going above and beyond to ensure Burrator and Atlantic made it safely and on time to the Port.

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Leg 2

Burrator and Atlantic Leave the UK!

After safely arriving at the Docks in Southampton the trucks were then loaded onto Undine, the ship that would be transporting them across the Atlantic. 

As you can imagine it filled us with much joy and satisfaction when we found out it was possible to track the ship and subsequently their progress in the 2 week long voyage from Southampton to the Port of Brunswick, GA.

Some would say many hours were wasted in the coming weeks, as we eagerly followed Burrator and Atlantic’s time on the water, however we would say time well spent.  


Leg 3

Burrator and Atlantic Arrive in the USA

Thanks to a rather active Atlantic winter storm season, Undine and our trucks finally arrived in the Port of Brunswick, GA. after 2 long weeks since leaving the UK.

Once Burrator and Atlantic had been unloaded and released by the shipping company there was one final hurdle before they were free to live the American dream… Customs Clearance. 

Thankfully both trucks sailed through Customs Clearance in no time at all and were ready to begin the final leg of their journey to Atlanta, GA.



Leg 4

Burrator and Atlantic Spotted by Passer-By En Route to Atlanta

The final leg of their adventure was the 5 hours road trip from the Docks in Brunswick up to their final destination in Atlanta, GA. The sight of two Land Rover Defenders on the back of a large trailer is obviously a rare one in the state of Georgia as Burrator and Atlantic were spotted several times on their way up to Atlanta.

 The photo below was sent to us by a Passer-By just prior their arrival.

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... And Then They Arrived

Practically one month to the day after leaving Moorland Rovers HQ on Dartmoor in England, Burrator and Atlantic arrived safe and sound with our Partner in Atlanta. They are now settling in to life on USA soil, before finding their new forever home. 

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