Barn Find Restoration

Make: Land Rover

Model: 110

Trim: County Station Wagon

Colour: Portifino Red

Year: 1989

Fuel Type: Diesel

Engine: 2.5L Turbo Diesel 

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual 

Mileage: 158,450

Seats: 8


Location: Atlanta, GA


Comprehensively Restored and Ready to enjoy!


Redlake was a true Barn Find Restoration Project. We found her waiting to be rescued in a mouldy old Barn, surrounded by fields, in deepest darkest Cornwall. I think it is fair to say she was a long way off her prime at that point, and many would have simply left her there, but where is the fun in that? 

Amazingly, after sitting for around 7 years, she started up first time and drove out of the barn. We then got her loaded up onto the trailer and brought her back to Moorland Rovers HQ – ready for the work to begin!


Restoration Overview:

Redlake has now been comprehensively restored back to her original specification (with a few nice upgrades), both mechanically and structurally, and as a result is in absolutely fantastic condition throughout. She is running and driving really well, has little to no corrosion and is looking Fantastic after a fresh repaint in her original colours of Portofino Red (body) and Alpine White (roof) .


Drive Train:

Redlake is powered by her original 2.5 L Turbo Diesel engine, mated to a 5-Speed Lt77 Gearbox and 2-Speed Lt230 Transfer Box. All are in great condition. The 2.5 L Turbo Diesel engine is running smoothly with little to no smoke, and is showing no signs of slowing down. The engine has been fully serviced with fresh Oils and Filters and has also had a new Lift Pump, Injection Pump Diaphragm, New Pulleys and Belts, and a new Radiator fitted as part of her restoration. The 5-Speed manual Gearbox is shifting nicely with no faults present, as is the 2-Speed Transfer case with both Lo/Hi ratios and centre Differential lock working well. 


On The Road:

Out on the road, Redlake drives and handles well thanks to the work carried out during her restoration.

Redlake has been fitted with all new suspension including new Terrafirma All-Terrain Shock Absorbers, new Terrafirma Medium Duty Springs with new Galvanised Spring Seats and associated Hardware, new HD Tubular Front Turrets with galvanised retaining plates – as a result the on road handling is now greatly improved and is a nice balance of stability and comfort. 

As part of the restoration, Redlake also received new new Brake Lines; the Rear Brakes were rebuilt with new Brake Cylinders and Shoes. The O/S/F Swivel was rebuilt with new Swivel Ball , Bearings and Hub Seal. The rear axel was treated to a new Differential Pan, fresh oil,  and new HD Drive Flanges were fitted. A new Battery has also been installed along with new rear Bump Stops, new fuel tank, new bonnet sound and heat insulation padding, new Rear Exhaust with new Exhaust Hangers,  and new windscreen wipers with new wiper arms. 

In the week prior to shipping Redlake received a Full Service and passed her UK MOT with no advisories – she is now fully road worthy and ready to enjoy however you choose, whether that be on the tarmac or off the beaten track.


Structure / Frame:

 A lot of the Redlake’s restoration work was focused on eradicating corrosion and making her as structurally as sound as possible. 

The two major aspect of this work were the installation of a New Galvanised Bulkhead and a New Rear Quarter Chassis – the decision was taken to fully replace these parts, rather than repair them, so to really future proof Redlake for the years to come. 

Redlake has also had two new Chassis Outrigger’s fitted along with both Front Dumb Irons, the B Pillars have been repaired and both C Pillars have been cut out and replaced. 

Redlake has also been treated to 5 Brand New Doors with all new Internals, new Hinges and Stainless Steel Bolts. She has also had New Galvanised Body Capping’s, new Floors in the Front Footwells with new seals and fixings, the Rear Seat Box Corners have been repaired and a new rear floor installed. 

Redlake is now structurally in fantastic condition for her age and is ready to be enjoyed for many years to come. 



After having a comprehensive cosmetic overhaul with some additional styling upgrades, Redlake is now looking fantastic and has a great sense of presence. 

Redlake has been completely repainted, panel by panel, in her original colours of Portofino Red and Alpine White.  The repainted body now sits of a set of 5 16″ Sawtooth Alloy Wheels, with Genuine LR Centre Caps and New Locking Wheel Nuts,  wrapped in 32″ 265/75/16 BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain Tyres – Ideal for on road or off road use! 30mm Wheel Billet Aluminium Wheel Spacers were also fitted to help provide a better stance and improved handling out on the road. 

New LED lights have been fitted all round including new LED Headlights with new Fixing Kits,  LED Side lights, LED Indicators and Side Repeaters, LED Brake Lights, LED Number Lights and NAS Spec LED Fog and reversing Lamps.

A new Front Bumper with Stainless Steel Fixing Kit, NAS Spec Rear Step with 2″ Tow Receiver, Rear Access ladder, Heavy Duty Spare Wheel Carrier with full size Spare Wheel and Genuine LR Heritage Mud Flaps have also been Fitted. 

Redlake’s front end was also updated by installing a new Black Powder Coated New Stainless Grill fitted to new AC Front Grill Surround, new Satin Black KBX Hi-Force Air Intakes and Aluminium Headlight Surrounds – all aiding to give Redlake a more modern and purposeful look.



Redlake also has an interior to match its exterior prowess. 

Redlake is arranged in 2 + 2 + 4 configuration which makes for a spacious, practical and comfortable cabin. 

In the front row she has 2 brand new Exmoor Trim seats separated by a Cubby box, with new over the shoulder seats belts. 2 brand new Full Height Exmoor Trim Seats have been installed in the second row, both of which fold down and tip forward if extra stowage space is required – these also have over the shoulder seats belts. Two additional Two-Man Bench Seats have been fitted in the rear. 

New Premium carpets have been fitted throughout the vehicle, with new Powder Coated Carpet Retainers in the front and rear. 

With there being 5 new doors fitted there is new glass throughout with all new winding mechanisms, new Window Channel felt and new Window Waste Seals. There are also new Door Jam Seals, Door Latches and Door Locks with matching keys. New Door Cards been fitted with new associated hardware such as new Door Handles and Window Winders etc…

The old style headlining has been replaced with a much improved moulded fibreglass headlining covered in Alston Black Suede with matching, A Pillar, B Pillar and Rear Window Trim.


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