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About us

Based on the southern slopes of Dartmoor, Moorland Rovers is a family run business specialising in sourcing, restoring and exporting Land Rovers from the UK to the USA. 

Moorland Rovers was founded by Brad Nicholls, a Dartmoor resident since birth, and he like many of us, fell in love with Land Rovers at a young age. Moorland Rovers was founded as a result of this life long passion, and it is his great motivation to share the joy of owing Land Rovers which drives this business forward.

Excitingly as of early 2020 we welcomed our newest team member, Ernest, into the Moorland Rovers family. Ernest is part of our actual extended USA family and he resides in Atlanta, GA. Ernest has years of experience in the Automotive industry and will be our USA Partner. 

Our personal commitment to you

Here at Moorland Rovers Ltd we understand that it takes a lot of trust to import a Land Rover from abroad into the USA. We also understand that it can be a risky process if done incorrectly or if you get involved with the wrong people. 

Our commitment to you is to make the import of your dream Land Rover as hassle and risk free as possible. It is our main priority as a business to build that all important trust and make sure that you are comfortable with each stage of the import process before proceeding

Our Home

We are extremely proud to call Dartmoor home, it is wonderful place to live and work and makes a rather good back yard play ground for a Land Rover enthusiast. 

Dartmoor is full of wonderful communities and hamlets set amongst rolling hills and rugged moorland. This remote and often hostile landscape breeds a real sense of community and trust amongst its inhabitants and this has truly helped define us as people and as a business. 

To find out moor about the wonderful place we are lucky to call home, click the Learn Moor button below.

Moorland Rovers HQ

Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom

Moorland Rovers USA

Atlanta, GA

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